Day Trip: Lafayette, LA

My family decided to take a day trip to Lafayette to visit my little brother. It’s about a two hour drive from New Orleans.  I have never really spent any time there, so even though we were pretty close to home, it felt like an adventure.


740 Jefferson st, Lafayette, LA 70501

My little brother said he liked a place called Pop’s Poboys, so we went there.  It’s in the city’s downtown area, which is quaint and slightly charming. It reminded me of a downtown area from an old black and white movie.  Pop’s sat right on the corner and had a pretty substantial line, though it was early in the afternoon on a Saturday.  My mom got the oyster poboy and I got the roast beef so that we could taste both.  The oyster was my favorite.  I also should say that I eat my poboys (and any other sandwiches) plain, just bread with a little butter and the meat.  My mom got her mayo and other dressings on the side.  The roast beef was ok. I am not a fan of the debris style roast beef, so I wouldn’t order that one again.  We had a huge serving of fries that we split.  I am not a big cold drink person, but I do love a cream soda. So I was really excited when I saw praline cream soda in the cooler.  The praline flavor was a little too strong for me, but I liked it in theory. I would definitely drop by this spot again for the oyster poboy next time we are in town.


I wanted to see the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL). I really was surprised at how pretty the campus was.  We got out at the lake hoping to see an alligator. I only saw a squirrel and a bird.  It was still much more impressive to the eyes than I ever thought it would be.  I have loved moss since my dad and I used to pull it off trees in City Park, so I had to touch it just for old times’ sake.