My Travel Goals

I have been traveling since I was little.  My dad worked on trains, so we were always hopping on to ride with him to New York (that’s where my obsession began), Chicago, Florida…really wherever he was going.  Travel is one of my top priorities as I’ve gotten older, and I’m on a quest to fit it in wherever I can.  Here are some of my travel goals:


I have never been out of the U.S.  In fact, I didn’t even have my passport until last year and I only got it because my mentor, Kim Bondy, told me I should have one.   I will be putting it to use very soon.  I am traveling to Nairobi, Kenya to visit the young lady I mentor through Soledad O’Brien’s Powherful Foundation.  I can’t wait!


I get to travel a lot working with Soledad’s foundation, but often I am only in a city long enough to emcee an event and then get back on the plane.  This year I want to make sure I have a small adventure everywhere that I get to go because who knows when I will have a chance to get back there.


There was a time in life I wanted to be a dolphin trainer. I love animals. I love water. It just always looked like a really cool job. I let that idea go, but I still plan to swim with dolphins before I die.


I am usually great with sticking to a budget.  Then, I go on a trip and I start spending like I’m using Monopoly money, except that it’s not.  For future trips, I want to make sure that I don’t waste money on things that I would never buy at home just because I am on vacation.  For instance, an overpriced breakfast at the airport.  I’ll be packing more granola bars this year.