Travel Roundup: 2016 Trips

I can cut back on shopping, drive an old raggedy car, and skip out on concerts and going out, but one thing I want to splurge on more is travel.  I have some great travel plans for the future. I am grateful that 2016 took me a lot of great places!


January: Screen Gems offered to fly me to L.A. for a press junket.  It’s part of the film promotion where they bring in the media to interview key people in a film, like actors and directors.  I had never been to L.A. so I jumped at the chance.  I was doing interviews for two movies Pride & Prejudice Zombies and Risen.  I was only in L.A. for two days and all of it was work.  I didn’t get to see anything in L.A, so on the way back to the airport I asked my cab driver to stop by the Hollywood sign. He was kind enough to get out and snap a picture for me.

December:  I had a chance to go back to L.A. to emcee Soledad O’Brien’s Powherful summit. It was held Dodgers Stadium. While I was in town, I ate at Urth Café in West Hollywood, where I had an epic green tea latte. I had to try Roscoe Chicken & Waffles. I also had a blast hanging out on the Santa Monica pier.  Luckily, I have a few really great friends who live in the area so I was not short on tour guides.

AUSTIN, TX (April 2016)

We haven’t taken a family vacation for years, but last year we got back in the groove with a trip to Austin, TX to visit my older brother.  I’m not a big fan of Texas. I lived just outside of Houston for a year after Hurricane Katrina.  But Austin is a cool city.  We went to a food truck park and explored.  The highlight for me was lining up on the Congress Avenue bridge at sunset to see the bats fly from under the bridge. It was amazing. People actually pay for tours to see them and everything.  We just stood there for free- good enough for me.


June:  I go back to New York every year to be part of the gala for Soledad’s foundation, which is now called, the Powherful Foundation.  But I love New York, so I always stay for a few days of fun.  New York has a million places to eat so I am always trying somewhere new.  On this trip, I fell in love with a place called The Meatball Shop. I am a meatball lover and it was heaven in my mouth! My boyfriend and I also walked crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, which I had never done and got some Brooklyn pizza on the other side.  I visited the High Line for the first time. It’s a beautiful park built on a freight rail above the West Side of Manhattan. We also spent some time in Harlem with friends.

July: This time I was in town to emcee another Powherful summit. This one was at Goggle in New York City, that’s where I took the picture in the green dress.

September: Soledad helped me land a gig hosting, “American Graduate Day” on PBS. It was my first time reporting on National TV.  I did live shots outside of the Lincoln Center for a four hour special on mentoring and even interviewed my mentor, Soledad.


July: My friend’s dad has a camp out in Osyka, Mississippi. I had been once before.  She invited my boyfriend and I to come hang out for the 4th of July weekend.  After a night of Essence festing, we headed out.  We rode boats on the pond, jumped on some RVs, and had one of the most peaceful naps of my entire life.

September: We went to Mississippi to visit some of my boyfriend’s family in September. We found a sweet little horse in a field and he was kind enough to let me pet him.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (October 2016)

Emceeing Soledad’s Powherful summits takes me to a lot of cool places around the country.  I had never been to Minnesota and had never really thought about going.  The summit was held at St. Catherine’s University. The campus was beautiful and since we don’t have real seasons in New Orleans. I was just amazed to see trees with so many beautiful colors.  The most epic part of the trip was the Mall of America. I wasn’t expecting much, but it was so big that there was a full amusement park inside which I could see from sitting in one of the restaurants in the mall.

Here’s to more travel in 2017!