Overall, the food during our trip to Kenya was mediocre.  We are from New Orleans, so we have a high standard when it comes to good food, but this didn't even come close to reaching that bar.  First off, everyone in Kenya kept telling us that none of the local Kenyan food was worth trying.  Many of the places we went to served American food anyway.


Osteria was an Italian restaurant that was in the mall we were staying right next door to.  The food was just ok.  We tried fish, pizza, and bruschetta, but nothing had much flavor.  It was weird looking at the prices on the menu and the receipt, but 1,450 shillings was just $14.50 in American money.

Osteria 2.JPG


I'm ashamed to admit that we ending up going back to that mall next to our hotel to eat several times.  Artcaffe had a beautiful balcony and offered a variety of food options.


The food was nothing to rave about, but Kenya tea is amazing. I was drinking 3 or 4 cups a day by the end of the trip- black with honey.  I am a tea lover and this is now officially one of my favorites.


One of the best meals I had in Kenya was in Mombasa. It's a dish called biryani with meat and rice with seasonings that make it different colors. I loved it.


My mentee was in love with Ethiopian food by the time I arrived in Kenya, so we went out one night for some at a place called Habesha.  It wasn't bad, but I also did not love it as much as she did.  I just love experimenting with new foods.  I did order some chicken though, just to make sure I'd have something to eat.

Carn 3.JPG




This place came up on several travel websites I looked at before we got to Kenya.  When I booked our Safari, there was an option to book it as a package deal with lunch included at Carnivore and since I had been reading good things about it we went.  True to it's name, there is a pit of meat when you walk in the door.  There is a card on your table and they keep bringing you meat until you flip.  There's normal stuff like beef and lamb and then the wildcards- ostrich meatballs and bull testicles! I tried both. Ostrich meatballs- nothing to rave about. The testicles tasted like I would have expected testicles to taste. I couldn't even get it down.  The creme brulee for dessert made up for the testicle.


Here's a surprise- I had some of the best sushi of my life in Kenya! Our hotel, Tribe, had an impressive sushi menu. It was delicious!