A Helicopter & the Hamptons

Powherful Enrichment Conference Emcee!

It's no secret that I love New York. The purpose of my latest trip was to emcee Soledad O'Brien's Powherful enrichment conference.  Soledad's Powherful Foundation helps young women get to and through college. It's the reason that I finished college.  Soledad is my mentor and is always providing me with great opportunities, so she flies me around the country to emcee her conferences which bring a day of empowerment to young women who are not in the foundation. I always find myself taking notes at these conferences.  Here are some of the quotes I jotted down this year:

I take notes, and I write lists. I make a list every morning.
— Soledad O'Brien
Some people like to get into a groove. I am not a coaster.
— Bevy Smith, TV & Radio Personality
Whatever you focus on grows
— Kimberley Locke, Former American Idol contestant

Bevy Smith's Radio Show!

I had the amazing opportunity to be on Bevy Smith's radio show on SiriusXM Radio Andy channel 102.  You may know her from Bravo's Fashion Queens.  She is the definition of ALIVE. She is fun, out of the box, inspirational, and encouraging.  I was super excited to be on the show and nervous to be interviewed since I am usually doing the interview, but as with everything Bevy is involved in, it was like big party.I had a blast. We spent 20 minutes chatting about the day's big news.

The Helicopter Ride!

Soledad was the emcee for Russell Simmons' Art for Life gala in the Hamptons. She invited me along, and I was thrilled to find out we were taking a helicopter to the party! It was my first time riding in one. It was a 50 minute ride from Manhattan to the Hamptons. It was super loud inside the helicopter. We had super duty headphones that covered our ears and mics to talk in.  The sights were beautiful!

The Hamptons!

The Art for Life gala was a fabulous time!

The food: Russell Simmons said that he would not be poisoning us with meat. He gave us the heads up that the entire meal would be vegan.  I had the best chicken nuggets and meat sauce with spaghetti and if he would not have told me I would not have known that it was not real meat.

The point: The gala supports RUSH Philanthropic Arts Foundation which makes arts programs available to young people in inner cities. It was cool to hear them discuss the impact of arts on children living in communities dealing with issues like poverty and crime.

The music:

  • Chuck D of Public Enemy was honored. He spoke about using music to get a message out and then he performed his legendary song, "Fight the Power."
  • Cynthia Erivo won a Tony for her role as Celie in the Broadway adaptation of "The Color Purple."  Her voice is flawless.  She ha all eyes on her performing Whitney Houston's " I Wanna Dance with Somebody" and the gospel song "I Won't Complain."