Book Review: Magnolia Story

Recommend: Yes


Chip & Joanna Gaines are the stars of HGTV’s hit show, Fixer Upper.  They renovate homes in Waco, Texas.  This book takes us through their journeys as individuals and as a couple. We learned how they got into the real estate business, the hardships they went through, and how they landed their HGTV show.

My boyfriend always watches this show, so I ended up seeing a lot of it by accident.  When I found out they wrote a book, I had to get it for him for Christmas, turns out he bought it for me too.  It is one of my favorite reads ever.  I have never laughed out loud this much reading a book.

They are all about being a team.

I could really relate to Chip’s personality.  He is goofy, spontaneous, optimistic, always happy, and didn’t hesitate to take risks when it came to business.  Joanna is the complete opposite- reserved, cautious, and more serious.  They are the perfect example of opposites attracting.  They both had imagined they would end up with partners much different from each other, but it worked.  I appreciated that they talked about their relationship struggles early on.  They are a picture perfect family on TV, but it was cool that they were honest about having issues like everyone else.  At the end of the day, it didn’t matter that their personalities were different because they supported and encouraged each other and that came over every thing.

There is a higher power guiding us all to our destiny

Chip and Joanna’s story is filled with miracles and inexplicable moments that saved them.  And Joanna looks for signs in life like I do.  I do believe that the universe speaks to us and guides us in the right direction.  I have felt many times in my own journey that things must be working out because of some divine intervention because there is no logical explanation for it.  This book reaffirmed that when something is meant to be it will be.

Keep adapting & evolving 

Joanna dreams of having her own little shop, gets a great building thanks to one of their many miracles, and is extremely successful and then she closes it down.  Joanna is disappointed again and again when she makes whatever property they are currently in feel like home, and then Chip tells her they are moving.  If they would not have kept moving, they would not be where they are today. They never got stuck on one idea of success or happiness.  They did what was right for their larger plans and what would be best for them.  It is inspiring to see such a beautiful story that has its share of rocky roads.