My Reading Style


I live in my books. I eat while I read. I throw them on the side of the bed when I am done reading for the night. I toss them in my bag where they live amongst all the junk I carry around.  The pages get bent, stained, and ripped. And I am ok with that. When I am done reading a book, I can look at it and see it has gone through some things.  I hate borrowing books because I know what they will look like if I am able to enjoy them like I want to.  Also , if I really like a book, I want to have a copy to refer to later.


I have always loved to read but I went through a time when I first started working that I wasn’t reading books. I just felt too busy. The lies we tell ourselves.  A few years ago I decided I would get back in the groove by vowing to read a page a day.  Some days that page turns into 20 pages. Some days I don’t read at all.  Some days, I literally read that one page. The rule wasn’t really about reading a page.  It was more about mentally working reading books back into my daily life. I was reading newspapers, magazines…etc. But nothing beats a good book.


When I first implemented the “A Page a Day” rule, I would wait until I was going to bed to try and read a page.  I never go to bed as early as I should, so I am usually exhausted and completely done by the time I finally decide to give in and actually go to bed. So many nights I was not even opening the book.  Then, I started reading a page while I waited in the doctor’s office, at the car wash…really anytime I had a spare moment.  Those moments add up and usually get me excited about reading again later in the day.


In a perfect world, I would move away to the beach, sit back, and have an immortal life so that I could read every book ever written.  In real life, I am sad just thinking about how many books I simply will never get too. I have a long running list of things I plan to read, and while I switch it up to read something that may be more prevalent at the time to what I am working on or feeling, I never switch books on my list for the hot book on the shelf.  If I stopped reading from my dream list every time the world was fawning over some new hot book, I would miss out on a lot of things that I know would be more interesting to me.


When I was younger, I didn’t even think about picking up a non-fiction book. I am a fiction girl at heart.  J.K. Rowling is my queen for the genius that is the Harry Potter series.  I didn’t feel like I was missing anything by not reading non-fiction.  It took for a friend to recommend, “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks,” for me to understand the beauty of a story based on facts.  I started reading more non-fiction, and nowadays, that’s mostly what I am reading to makeup for my years of overlooking the genre.