Spicing Up My Desk Life!

I recently did a revamp of my desk space and accidentally cleaned up along the way.  All of my co-workers thought I was quitting.  That should tell you how often I clean!  I admit I am a mess. Not so much me, but everything that surrounds me. I am comfortable in mess.  I don’t mind clean spaces, but I wholeheartedly believe the effort it takes to clean and keep things clean could be spent doing something more productive.  I want to be clear- I am not dirty.  I don’t like smelly stuff.  I would never leave food just sitting around.  I have my limits.  Numerous studies show messy people are more creative and intelligent. So basically would you rather be clean or a genius?! 

With that being said, I have always admired the cute office spaces I see in magazines and on Pinterest. So one of my 2017 goals was to make my work space one that reflected me better. I wanted it to be a space that I'm happy to sit in every morning. I get in the office at 3:30am, and I want my desk to scream “Good morning! Have a wonderful day!”

Color Coordinated! 

I started with color. Pink is my favorite and I’m obsessed with gold these days so this made the perfect combo for my new desk accessories.  


I start my day with a cup of green tea, so I needed a mug that would make me smile. This one was a gift from my boyfriend’s mom.  It has a puppy on it! Smile complete.


I love flowers! These are fake and have been living on my desk for several years. I just dusted them off and bam…new life!


I already had a stapler and post-its but they were not pink so they had to go. I grabbed some cute, cheap pink supplies from Office Depot and ordered this pink metal mesh desk organizer from Ebay for $15 to complete the look!

Photo credits: Ricknise Riggins