Birthday Month Wisdom

Happy birthday to my fellow amazing Aquarians!  I love my birthday.  It’s the true start to a new year for me.  Getting one year older always gets me thinking about how far I’ve come and how far I have to go.  As the years go by, it is so interesting to see life fall into place and feel that I am moving forward with more clarity about the world around me and myself.  Here are some realizations I have had that are helping me be better in the next year of my life:


The older, the wiser.  Things get better with time…..

The world is full of sayings that lead us to believe that all we have to do is keep waking up and magically we will end up smarter, better…improved.  The older I am getting the more I am learning that’s not true.  There are certainly old people who are not wise.  There are old people who are bitter, still carrying wounds and regret from the past, not where they want to be …etc. My point is simply getting older means nothing but that…we’re older.  If we want to be wiser, stronger, or move past a pain or heartache, that requires more deliberate action than just getting older.  I am being conscious to not just be older but to carry new knowledge and tools into my old age. If you have an anger problem, struggling with being a pushover…etc…just getting older won’t help, we have to decide to actively make change to be different tomorrow.


I always say I am a people person who hates people. I am truly an extrovert. I feed off people’s energy. I am revived by going to lunch with friends or having a great conversation.  In high school, I was the girl who had 10 best friends, until one by one I started realizing all of these “best friends” didn’t have my best interest at heart.  I am naturally friendly, but I have had to learn to guard myself and not befriend everyone who approaches with a smile.  People have motives and will let you down. 


This year, I really want to work on moving forward despite being a little off my plans.  I sat down at 22 and said I will move to another city and give reporting a shot when I have “x” number of dollars in the bank as a safety net.  I wanted things to be perfect and if I would have waited to save that money I wouldn’t be where I am today.  I still struggle with holding off on my dreams and goals because I have made up some other stipulations that I decide “need” to happen first.  I am learning that things will never be perfect. Big decisions involve risk and if I wait and wait, I will miss out on a lot of opportunities.