When It Comes to Relationships, Old School Wins!

I would not think of myself as conservative in many ways, but when it comes to relationships I am pretty old school.  


I love texting and I could text my friends all day, but when it comes to my man, I like to hear his voice.  Texting eliminates tone, which is so important to a conversation and leads to so many misunderstandings. Talking on the phone is crucial for me, especially when I was first getting to know my boyfriend.  But don’t fault a guy for going with texting as the default, just let him know you want to hear his voice too and if he's into you, he'll pick up the phone.


Social media can add nothing to a relationship.  When I was young and thought my first relationship would last a lifetime, I changed my relationship status on Facebook, only to have to take it down when things ended badly. I vowed then to never again publicize my relationship status. It’s no one’s business anyway.  I will share an occasional post with my man since I have a job that makes my life kind of public, and I don’t want to completely leave him out of the picture since he is such a big part of my life.  But on the whole, people don’t need to know what we’re doing, how much I love him, or what he bought me for my birthday.  We are confident knowing how we feel about each other, we don’t need to broadcast it on social media to make it real.


I know there are all these modern debates over who pays on the first date, but I’m not bending.  Look, I am all about girl power, being independent, and knowing how to be strong, and I can be all that while a man pays for my meal. Am I wrong for pushing for equality in some areas but not others? Maybe. But I could not be attracted to man who wouldn’t just pay for the first date without it being an issue.  Once we are exclusive, I’m cool with approaching our dates and finances like a joint effort.


Everything is fast these days... food, Wi-Fi, airplanes, I just don’t believe relationships should be on fast-forward.  Don’t rush getting to know your partner. Don’t rush the time you have with your partner. Don’t rush yourself down the aisle. Just let things cruise and if you’re happy, you won’t be so worried about timelines- well that is unless you’re a woman and your ovaries are dying off, but that’s a conversation for another day.

Ok I’m done sounding like an old person! Let me get back to being my young, vibrant self.

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