My Beauty Tricks

I am a beauty product junkie. I could get lost for hours gazing at the beauty aisle in the store.  Despite the money and time I have spent experimenting with beauty products, I still don’t feel like I have a perfect plan, but I have added some new tricks to my beauty routine and amazingly it involved spending less money for more effective results.


When I first started wearing makeup every day for TV, I was spending almost $6 for Neutrogena makeup wipes, but I felt like I had to be really rough on my face especially my eyes to get everything off. I would still ended up washing my face with Cetaphil when I got home, and then everything just felt dry. I would treat the dryness with an expensive department store moisturizer that I thought made my face feel good until I switched up my routine.



One day to save money I tried using diaper wipes to remove my makeup.  It was even harder to remove my eye makeup, but it did an ok job on the rest of my face.  After our nearly 5 hour morning show, I like to let my skin breathe so I wipe off all of my face makeup with the diaper wipe and leave my eye makeup on until I get home.  In the event of breaking news, I would just have to throw on some powder and blush instead of redoing my entire face (Ain’t nobody got time for that).


My hairdresser has amazing skin and she told me that she was using coconut oil and sometimes baking soda on her skin, so I decided to try it out- at least part of it.  The coconut oil has been a lifesaver.  It gets off all of my makeup very easily. I use it in the shower and my skin feels clean and hydrated.  My dermatologist said that it didn’t seem like a good idea to be washing my face with oil, but I hardly ever get pimples now that I am using coconut oil.  I do have one blackhead which I have never had, but I have been doing this for over a year now and that’s the only issue.  One jar from the cooking aisle in Walmart for like $4 lasts me a good while.


I have dry skin, so no matter what lotion I was using, I felt like I needed to apply it several times a day to avoid being ashy.  Then I started using shea butter on my entire body including my face and my skin has never felt better.  I get the raw African shea butter from amazon.


I am obsessed with white teeth- celebrity level white. I have had the professional whitening trays from the dentist and I use Crest White Strips.  The very first time I used Crest White Strips a year ago, I used them according to the instructions on the box and my teeth were super white but sensitive for while (the sensitivity wears off).  No matter how much whitening I’ve done, I drink green tea so eventually they always start looking dim again.  So I bought more Crest White Strips and just one strip would get me back on track for a while.  Now, I keep them handy and pop them in whenever things start looking not-so-white.  The box lasts forever since I am only using one or two strips every couple of months or so.