Let's Go Thrifting!

A smart woman brags about how much she saves not how much she spends.

Thrifting has become one of my favorite things to do.  I will admit that my mom used to try to take me to thrift stores, and I just was not interested. Now that I am older and wiser, I realize that I can find some cute pieces to spice up my wardrobe that practically cost nothing.

My tips for thrifting:

Don't commit to one store.

People always ask me to name my favorite thrift store. i don't have one. I like to try different places and see what I luck up on. There are good finds everywhere. Just look!

Be patient.

I never go to the thrift store when I need something specific. I like to go when I have some free time and can just browse for whatever random cute things I find.  That way there is no pressure to dig any more than I feel like.  Sometimes I go and just look at the dress rack. That way I don't feel overwhelmed from dealing with an entire store.

Go on sale days.

Yes, there are sales at the thrift store.  If you check one out that you like, make sure you ask about future sales!

Take a look at one of my recent thrift store trips: