Sheba Turk's First Book!

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I am beyond excited to announce that my first book is coming out this week! It is titled, Off Air: My Journey to the Anchor Desk. 

What is Off Air about?

I always knew that I would be successful, but I have encountered many obstacles on my path to success. I struggled to settle on a career path to pursue, never imagining that I would end up working in the news industry. I was forced to drop out of college temporarily for financial reasons, and I had to learn to work though the self-doubt that everyone experiences.

Off Air: My Journey to the Anchor Desk takes readers through the highs and lows of my journey as I broke into the news industry and, in just two years, worked my way from behind the scenes to become a prominent news anchor in my hometown, New Orleans, La.

Off Air is perfect for anyone starting out on their own career path, particularly in media jour- nalism, or anyone encountering obstacles on their own journey to success. A foreword by my mentor, Soledad O’Brien, adds an extra level of inspiration. 

What inspired me to write Off Air ?

I was inspired to write this book by the overwhelming amount of aspiring journalists who reached out to me to look for advice about breaking into the industry. I want to help in any way I can.

What will readers get out of Off Air?

My first few years in the news industry have been a crash course not only working in media journal- ism, but in building a brand, forcing myself out of my comfort zone, and understanding some unspoken strategies for success. I am sharing all of my tips and tricks in Off Air.

Why am I sharing my story now?

I figured I would write a book after I retired, looking back on my career. Even though I have a lot more learning to do, I started writing about my journey and realized I couldn’t hold onto my newfound wisdom for decades. Someone else could use it right now! 

How can I buy the book?

The book is $22.95. It will be available on my website! Stay tuned.

Who wrote the foreword?

My amazing mentor Soledad O'Brien!

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Other details:

Publisher: Pelican Publishing

Page Count: 192

ISBN: 9781455623914 

Check out my interview with one of my mentors, recently retired WWL-TV Anchor, Sally-Ann Roberts :