How I Won Mardi Gras 2017

“Sheba Turk won Mardi Gras. Respect that, bow down.”

Caitlin White, UPROXX

“… Sheyoncé will go down in history as one of our fave Bey-inspired looks.”

Kenya Foy, Hello Giggles

“Aaand just like that, Turk wins the Carnival 2017 Anchor Desk Derby.”

Mike Scott, | The Times-Picayune


Every year for Mardi Gras, the WWL crew dresses up in costumes and brings a taste of Mardi Gras to viewers.  I was never big into costuming for Mardi Gras.  One year I was Super Girl, then I was squirrel (Rocky of Rocky & Bullwinkle), and then I was Glinda the Good Witch from my favorite movie, The Wizard of Oz.  This year, the plan was to be Turk, the Turkey.  I had bought the costume and everything.  And then pregnant Beyonce at the Grammy’s looking like a goddess happened.

I tweeted joking that I was throwing my Mardi Gras costume, so that I could dress up as her.  But it was JUST was joke.


One of my executive producers at WWL, Dominic Massa, thought the idea was amazing, so he got to work. Turns out, one of our photographers, Steve Wolfram, had the hook up.  His girlfriend, Shel Roumillat,  worked for The New Orleans Costume Center and could make a replica of the headpiece, earrings and necklace included!  It only took her one week!

So I put the turkey suit back in the mail for a refund and started look for a dress that could pass as Beyonce's! I failed, but Shel came through again finding the perfect dress.

I found the wig and baby bump on Amazon. I never even put on the full outfit until about 30 minutes before we were live on air. I was shocked at how everything had come together. We found a dark hallway in Arnaud’s Restaurant where were doing live shots, took some pics, and I did a little editing to get the light just like Bey's.  Bam- the internet went insane!


Sheyonce took on a life of her own and the articles starting sprinkling in from around the country!  Plus, I was trending on twitter in New Orleans for a brief period!

Photos Courtesy here